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Lean Bento Gift Cards

Lean Bento Gift Cards

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Give the gift of tastiness, convenience and happiness!

Lean Bento gift cards offer guests with a purposeful gift that allows them to select, checkout and have tasty, freshly-prepared food delivered to their doorstep, on a day and time which is to their convenience.  

Gift Card Concept
Lean Bento gift cards are used as a form of "prepaid cash card", loaded with funds for future use to purchase products. 

Receiving the Gift Card
Gift cards are delivered by email and contain the instructions on how to redeem them at checkout. 

Value of the Gift Card
The loaded value of gift cards is determined at the point of purchase. e.g. If a value of $20 is selected and purchased, the gift card would contain $20 worth funds.

Using the Gift Card

Each gift card will come in the form of a unique code. This code would be entered at the checkout page for the value (or remaining value) of the gift card to be offset from the total purchase amount.

Q: Must the funds in my gift card be use all at once?
A: Not necessarily. e.g. You could use only $9.90 of the value of a $20.00 gift card. The remaining $10.10 of funds will remain in the gift card.

Q: What happens to the remaining value in my gift card?
A: You are able to continue using (deducting) any remaining value of funds in the gift card for any number of times; until the funds in the gift card has run out, or when the validity of the gift card has been reached.

Q: What if there isn't enough funds in my gift card?
A: In the event that you do not have enough funds in your gift card to complete the purchase, you would be able to make payment for the difference using a credit card. 

Q: What happens to my gift card after all its funds have been used?
A: The gift card and its unique code would cease to exist. 

Processing Fee
There are no processing fees on the purchaser and recipient when purchasing, or using Lean Bento gift cards.