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Multiple Location Delivery - Happiness Bento for 1 pax (min 6 bento)

Multiple Location Delivery - Happiness Bento for 1 pax (min 6 bento)

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Islandwide delivery service is included for this product.

This special will only be served from 14 Jan - 26 Feb 2021, excluding Sundays and 12 Feb 2021.

This enjoyable and satisfying petite bento features succulent fresh prawns (pan-fried tempeh for lacto-ovo vegetarian option), golden egg crepe, and onsen egg, topped on sweet-smoked multigrain rice. 

Nutrition per serving.
Seafood Prawn Protein Option:  395kcal P32g C38g Fat13g Fbr4g
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Option:   479kcal P31g C50g Fat17g Fbr7g

Disposables include individually packaged cutlery and paper napkins. 

Significance of ingredients:

Only for seafood protein option.
• 哈哈大笑 : Fresh prawns
Only for lacto-ovo vegetarian option.
• 连年头升 : non-GMO soy tempeh. 
Served in both seafood and vegetarian options.
• 鸿运当头 : Crimson carrot. 
• 大富大贵  : Corn Kernel.
• 迎春接福  : Edamame.
•  思金成实 : Golden egg crepe. 
• 便地黄金 : Onsen egg.
• 丰收年年 : Multigrain rice.
• Individually packed cutlery.
• Paper napkin.
• Spring water 330ml x 01.

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Important Notes

• This special will only be served from 14 Jan - 26 Feb 2021, excluding Sundays.

• Multiple-location, door-to-door delivery at subsidised delivery for 6 sets and above. 

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