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Steamed Prawns Bundle for Multiple Location Delivery

Steamed Prawns Bundle for Multiple Location Delivery

Regular price $36.90 $24.90 Value Deal

Multiple location bundles offer you a convenient and cost-effective way to send more than 5 bundles of delicious meals to your colleagues, loved ones and yourself!

Each Bundle includes:
1) One managed islandwide delivery trip to each recipient's address.
2) One classic bento - select from 24 varieties of chicken, vegan and prawn themes.
3) One standard drink.
4) One protein dessert.
5) One low-calorie fruit pack.
6) One eco-friendly cutlery pack (napkin and toothpick included).
7) One $5.00 gift voucher of min. 6-month validity.
8) One hand-assembled gift box.

*Variety for selection are illustrated in the product images.

Step 1: Please add at least, any 5 bundles from the "Multiple Location Delivery" category to cart, in order to be eligible for the offer. Complete the payment. Only paid orders will be managed.
Step 2: Download your CUSTOMISATION FORM. This is the official form for you to specify the delivery date, delivery (time) window, select the meals, drink (upgrade, if desired), and provide the delivery information for each recipient/guest.
Step 3: Email the fully completed Customisation Form to
• Orders up to 50 locations, email at least 3 work days before date of delivery.
• Orders up to 100 locations, email at least 5 work days before date of delivery.
• Orders more than 100 locations, email at least 7 work days before date of delivery.

• Value, quality and range of tangible products in each bundle (box).
• Islandwide delivery is included for all multiple location bundles.
• We manage your headache associated with tedious delivery scheduling.
• Wide range of dietary preferences available, e.g. vegan, non-spicy, dairy- free, pregnancy and confinement-friendly etc.
Track record of managing deliveries from 5 to 1,500 unique addresses.

30-Day Credit Terms:
• Credit term payment for authentic organisations is offered. Please pre-apply here.

Prerequisite & Notes:
• Checkout is eligible only when a min. of 5 multiple location bundles are added to cart.
• The 5 multiple location bundles can be selected in any product variety within the Multiple Location Delivery category.
e.g. 2xChicken + 2xVegan + 1xPrawns = 5 bundles.
• Scheduled bundles are fulfilled within a delivery window of 2 hours.
• Delivery date and delivery window is selectable within the official Customisation Form (excel sheet) mentioned in "Step 2" above.
• There will be no re-delivery if the recipient is not present to receive the bundle during the delivery window.
• There will be no refund or re-delivery if the wrong delivery information of the recipient was provided in the Customisation Form (excel sheet) mentioned in "Step 2" above, to our team.
• No refund if our team fail to receive the completed Customisation Form by the stipulated deadline in order to schedule for the fulfilment of your order.
• This is a fixed price product. Discounts and promotions do not apply.
• Free-delivery promotions do not apply.
• Changing of components, varying of portion size, or omission of ingredient is not offered for this product.
• Please reach us at 67504504 or for enquiries and customer support.

Bento Food Safety & Reheat Recommendation:
• Consume within 3 hours upon receiving delivered/collected food.
• Store or refrigerate at your own discretion.
• Reheat 3 min at medium microwave power without accompanying lid.
• Do not store or refrigerate food that had been reheated.

Drink Safety & Reheat Recommendation:
• Consume-by-date is stamped on the bottle cap, or bottle body.
• Consume within the same day for all drinks with the word "Fresh" in its name.
• Store, refrigerate, and dispose at your own discretion.

Dessert Safety & Reheat Recommendation:
• Consume within 2 days upon receiving delivered/collected dessert.
• Store or refrigerate at your own discretion.
• Reheat without packaging for 1.5 min at medium microwave power.
• Do not store or refrigerate dessert that had been reheated.