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S01 Protein Moon Bites

S01 Protein Moon Bites

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This special will only be served until 30 September 2020.

Moonbites are sold out till 21 Sept 2020. Next batch of Protein Moon Bites only available from 22 September 2020 (Tuesday) onwards. 

Made of only wholesome ingredients picked from nature. This mid-autumn festive treat is power packed with fibre, protein and beneficial forms of (complex) carbohydrates. 

Each set comes as a standard mix* of four flavours. Best served chilled. Perfect as a guilt-free treat, workout snack and just about an anytime snack!

Comparing to a regular mini mooncake of the same weight, each Lean Bento protein moon bite contains less than 40% of the calorie, carb, fat, and packing in three times more protein than a regular mini mooncake.

Macronutrients of Lean Bento's 70g/piece protein moon bites:
• Chocolate Chip     142kcal   C15.4g   F5.5g   P7.7g
• Adzuki Sesame     142kcal   C18.8g   F3.9g   P7.7g
• Melon Date           133kcal   C18.2g   F3.4g   P7.2g
• Almond Sesame    138kcal   C14.4g   F5.4g   P7.8g

Best before, and consumed by:
1) Up to 3 days storage in the refrigerator, from the time it was delivered. 
2) Up to 7 day 
storage in the freezer, from the time it was delivered. Allow 12 hours for defrosting.
3) Up to 6 hours at ambient temperature, from the time it was delivered.
4) Up to 6 hours at ambient temperature, from the time it was brought out of the refrigerator.

*Customised flavours are only available for each unique pre-order of minimum 50 boxes of the same combination of flavour(s).