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S05 Masala Chicken Flatbread Wrap Bundle

S05 Masala Chicken Flatbread Wrap Bundle

Regular price $13.20 Value Deal

This special will only be served until 01 September 2020.

Petite Masala Chicken Flatbread Wrap x 1 petite bento.
Collagen Soy Milk x 1 bottle.

Reimagined from some of our well-loved local foods with Lean Bento's healthful finesse, yet full in flavour! Generous chunks of masala dry curry chicken paired with meticulously shelled softcore eggs, wrapped with corn flatbread. Definitely a satisfying option to every late night craving!

Red date soy milk made with non-GMO soy from Canada. Enriched with vitamins that are beneficial for nourishing the skin, hair and nails!