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Vegan Wealth Lo Hei Gift Box for 1 pax

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This special will only be served from 14 Jan - 26 Feb 2021, excluding Sundays.

Impress with this beautiful and exclusive Lo Hei gift box among your vegan and vegetarian friends, colleagues and loved ones this Chinese New Year! 

Traditionally, raw fish in lo hei signifies abundance. For our vegan friends, we have created a super-enjoyable and delicious replacement of raw fish, using non-GMO soybean tempeh. Soybeans as we know it, is one of the most important food source for the cradle of mankind and all the more appropriate to honour it as we celebrate the dawn of Spring. 

This year, we bring back our ultra-tasty, fresh and healthful lo hei in the form of a beautiful gift box featuring generous slices of grilled to perfection yakitori tempeh, homemade lo hei ingredients and low-fat golden crackers. Toss in the comfort of your home and office for 10 times the abundance!

Enjoy the entire gift box as a full meal, complete with nature's spring water with no mess, no rush and no guilt.

Per serving 649kcal, Protein 35g, Carbohydrate 62g, Fat 29g, Fibre 8g.

Vegan Wealthness Gift Box for 1 pax includes:
• 财富到家 : Grilled yakitori tempeh.
• 升好彩头 White radish. 
• 鸿运当头 : Crimson carrot. 
• 大吉大利 : Citrus strips.
• 步步高升 : Melon strips .
• 即将好运 : Pickled ginger .
• 金银满地 : Ground peanut .
• 生意兴隆 : Sesame seed. 
• 招财进宝 : Cinnamon and pepper 
• 甜甜蜜蜜 : Miso dressing. 
• 满地黄金 : Golden crackers. 
• 龙马精神 : Dragon fruit.
思金成实 : Golden tofu ribbons. 
• 吉祥如意 : Calamansi lime.
• Lo Hei ingredient cheering label on the cover.
• Cutlery set x 1.
• Spring water 330ml x 1.
• All items photographed in the product images.