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Food Safety & Reheat

All sections of this FAQ form part of our company's terms & conditions. 

Food Safety Guidelines
In line with prevailing SFA guidelines.
1. All products are freshly prepared for consumption as soon as possible.
2. Food pathogens multiply rapidly between 5degC and 60degC.
3. No food should be kept at room temperature for more than 4 hours from the time it was cooked in our kitchen, to the time it is consumed.
4. All our products must be handled as perishables.

Management of Cooked Food
1. We encourage all our products to be consumed within 3 hours from the time it was received/collected.
2. If food storage is preferred, customers are advised to keep/store our products with initiative and discretion.
3.  Freshly delivered/collected fully cooked food (with no raw components) may be kept immediately in the fridge for up to 24 hours, at temperatures below 5degC.

Management of Raw Food
1. As of 01 May 2021, only products under the category of "Low-Carb (Keto) Zucchini Udon" bento will contain raw components (zucchini udon).
2. Any product of which a raw food component is included, must be consumed according to SFA guidelines, within 3 hours upon delivery/collection. 
3. We do not recommend that products containing raw food to be kept beyond its recommended "safe for consumption" validity of  3 hours upon delivery/collection

Reheat Recommendation
1. Customers are not advised to keep/store or re-refrigerate food that has been reheated.
2. Customised reheat recommendation for each product is listed in their respective product information.
3. Bento bowls with clear OPS lids - reheat for 3 min at medium microwave power without lid.
4. Bento cups with frosted PP lids - reheat 3 min at medium microwave power (lid-on optional).
5. Desserts - transfer dessert into a microwave safe container. Reheat without packaging for 1.5 min at medium microwave power.
6. Drinks - transfer drink into a microwave safe cup. Place a non-metallic spoon into the cup before reheating for 1.5 min at medium microwave power.
7. All plastic components in our packaging unless advised; will not be recommended to undergo microwave heating. 

Food Warranties
1. We are committed to put in our best efforts to consistently produce food products which are of good safety, quality, texture, flavour, colour, presentation every day.
2. We are regrettably unable to exercise exhaustive control of how food products which were prepared in our kitchen, is managed once they leave our premises because they would be entrusted into the care of the customer, or a third-party delivery personnel.
3.  We are regrettably unable to provide surveillance to every food product that leave our premises until it is consumed. 
4. As such, we are unable to make warranties regarding the safety, quality, texture, flavour, colour and presentation of all products after they leave our premises, either by self-collection (store pickup) or by all methods of delivery (islandwide, area and meal plan etc).