Cutoff order time for next day delivery: Mon-Fri 5PM, Sat 1PM. Prices incl GST.

Islandwide Delivery

All sections of this FAQ form part of our company's terms & conditions. 

Minimum Order
A minimum of $25 nett* to qualify for à la carte purchases.

How to Order
1. Orders are advised to be pre-ordered from our website.
2Orders may be ordered on the same day from our website.
3Orders will be accepted and schedule on a first-come-first serve basis.
4. Only paid orders will be fulfilled.

À La Carte Order Delivery Time Slots
1. Mondays to Saturdays, including public holidays (unless stated otherwise).
2. Closed on Sundays.
3. Available time slots between 10AM to 6.15PM.
4. Availability of time slots are shown based on a first-come-first serve.
5. All time slots offer a delivery window of 1-hour. All orders are scheduled to be delivered within their respective time slot. There will be no provision for a delivery to take place at a precise time of e.g. 12:30PM when a time slot of 12PM to 1PM is selected.

Delivery Promotion
1. In the midst of delivery price hike due to increasing oil and manpower costs, all our customers enjoy a default set of partially subsidised delivery fees when they check out.
2. Prevailing delivery promotion (if any) will be shown at the top navy blue bar at the main menu page.
3. We strive to pass on as much savings as possible to benefit all our customers.
4. Subsidised delivery rates and promotion applies only to self-checkouts from our official website and its payment completed by accepted credit cards. 
5. All subsidised delivery rates and promotion do not apply to orders that were manually generated via email requests, or payment completed by credit terms. More information about bypassing our subsidised delivery fee calculator here.

Delivery Rates
Please click here.

Default Delivery Etiquette
1. From 01 May 2020 onwards, contactless delivery will be the default mode of delivery.
2. Observing shared responsibility for fruitful deliveries, customers are advised to maintain access to their mobile phones during their selected delivery time slot.
3. The default wait time practiced across the industry is 5 min. After which, the order will be reasonably placed/hung/deposited at the entrance of the delivery address.

Food Safety Policy
1. By SFA guidelines, our company is not allowed to serve, deliver, or hand over any perishable food products that have passed the 3 hour mark from the start of their scheduled collection time slot.
2. No compensation for all delivery orders that have been reasonably fulfilled at the selected date and time slot.
3. No compensation for delivery orders deposited at the delivery address at the selected date and time slot, that have gone missing.
4. No compensation or replacement for packed orders received that have passed 3 hours from the start of their collection time slot.
5. No compensation or replacement for all no-show incidents.

1. Prevailing policies for amendment, cancellation, refund and admin fee apply.
2. Please let us attend to your enquiries at 67504504, or email

*Only food products such as bento bowls, bento cups, drinks and desserts. Excludes the application of vouchers, discount codes, and all promotion mechanics.