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Multiple Location Delivery

All sections of this FAQ form part of our company's terms & conditions. 

Elegant and cost-effective way for delicious halal-certified meal bundles to be delivered to many different addresses. Be it work-from-home meals, company lunch, virtual meetings, virtual parties, or annual celebratory events, each delivery is poised to impress.

Minimum Order
1. Min. of 5 multiple location delivery bundles to qualify.
2. Select from a wide variety of bundles are listed in the "Multiple Location Delivery" category of our menu to impress your recipients.

Managed Menu & Delivery
1. Takes the stress out of managing different food preferences.
2. Takes the headache out of managing different delivery addresses.
3. Internally managed delivery scheduling for greater reliability.
4. Responsive human customer service for you to speak with.

Modes of Payment*
1. 30-day credit terms (pre-application is required here).
2. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, GrabPay.
3. Vendors@Gov e-invoicing.
4. Peppol e-invoicing.
*We are here for you at 67504504.

How to Order*
1. Select or decide the variety and quantity of bundles you wish to order.
2. Either self-checkout, or pre-apply for 30-day credit terms.
3. Download Customisation Form from any multiple location bundle product page.
4. Fill up the Customisation Form and submit by the order deadlines shown below.
*We are here for you at 67504504.

Order Deadlines*
Email (fully) completed Customisation Form to
• Orders up to 50 locations, at least 3 work days before day of delivery.
• Orders up to 100 locations, at least 5 work days before day of delivery.
• Orders more than 100 locations, at least 7 work days before day of delivery.
*We are here for you at 67504504.

Order Confirmation
1. Customers will receive an invoice to their registered email address after a successful payment is acknowledged by our customer service.
2. Only paid orders will be scheduled, on a first-come-first-serve basis.
3. Only paid orders with clearly received information in the Customisation Form can be scheduled.

Invoicing for Self-Checkout Orders
1. Self-checkout orders refer (mostly) to orders paid using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, GrabPay.
2. Upon successful payment, customers will receive an automatically generated invoice by email which is valid for use to submit for respective claims and accounting purposes.

Invoicing for Credit Terms Orders
1. Credit term orders refer (mostly) to orders paid using credit terms, and e-invoicing.
2. A e-invoice will be raised. At times, a purchase order would have to be issued.
3. Upon successful payment, customers will receive by email, an invoice generated internally by our finance department which is valid for use to submit for respective claims and accounting purposes.

Change of Multiple Location Delivery Address
1. Change of delivery address between 24-72 hours before time of fulfilment.
    • A chargeable admin fee of $10 for every five change within one single change request. Pre-pay here.
    • A chargeable admin fee of $10 for every five change within subsequent unique change requestPre-pay here.
2. Change of delivery address less than 24 hours before time of fulfilment.
    • chargeable admin fee of $25 for every five change within one single change request. Pre-pay here.
    • A chargeable delivery fee of $19 for each unique change of delivery address to facilitate a last-minute priority delivery booking. Pre-pay here.

1. Prevailing policies for amendment, cancellation, refund and admin fee apply.
2. Please let us attend to your enquiries at 67504504, or email