Islandwide delivery cut-off: Mon-Fri 5PM, Sat 3PM. Prices includes GST.

Ordering Deadline

Deadlines for Ordering 
1. The minimum amount of lead time for placing an order online (completed order with payment in order) for island-wide delivery is one-calendar day, before 5PM on weekdays and 3PM on weekends. Pickup and delivery orders placed after 5PM on weekdays and 3PM on weekends will only qualify for fulfillment two calendar days onwards.
2. We recommend that customers send in their orders at least two working-days in advance from the desired day of their order, in case the production threshold has been reached. 
3. A finite number of meals will be prepared on a daily, first-come-first-serve basis. We regret to turn down orders beyond our threshold to avoid the risk of poorly-fulfilled orders. 
4. Only orders with clearly entered information and are fully paid on a first-come-first-serve basis will be processed.