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Payment & Invoicing

All sections of this FAQ form part of our company's terms & conditions. 

Payment by Credit Cards
1. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Debit cards.
2. We do not store your credit card information longer than it takes to complete the transaction. 
3. After the transaction is complete, your purchase transaction information is automatically purged.

Payment by 30-Day Credit Terms
1. Credit terms and e-invoices are only offered to authentic companies, government agencies and statutory boards.
2. Pre-application at
3. All orders paid via credit terms and e-invoice will not be eligible for promotions offered exclusively via our official website.

Payment by Gift Cards
1. Gift cards are obtained by purchase from our official website, and official partner websites.
2. Every cent in a gift card can be used as a tangible cent to make purchases from our website.
3. Each gift card has a unique code that must be entered at the checkout page to pay for an order.
4. Multiple gift cards and their respective unique codes can be used together (stacked) at the checkout page to collectively pay for an order.
5. Every cent spent from a gift card will be reflected as a deducted amount from the respective gift card. 
6. Validity of the value stored in a gift card is indefinite as long as our company is in operation. 
7. Top-ups can be made repetitively into the same gift card.
8. A gift card will cease to be of use when all the value it contains has been used.

Deduct Payment using Discounts
1. Vouchers, promo codes, and any other promotion mechanics are all considered discounts.
2. Each discount has a promo code that must be entered at the checkout page to enjoy a deduction in payment for an order.
3. The effect of a discount is defined by the terms and conditions stated in the respective promotion mechanics.
4. A discount can only be applied on an order at the time of sale (transaction).
5. A discount cannot be retrospectively applied to an order.
6. There is no partial deduction from a discount that has zero tangible value.  
7. The validity of a discount is defined by the terms and conditions stated in its respective promotion mechanics. 

Invoicing for Self-Checkout Orders
1. Self-checkout orders refer (mostly) to orders paid using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, GrabPay.
2. Upon successful payment, customers will receive an automatically generated invoice by email which is valid for use to submit for respective claims and accounting purposes.

Invoicing for Credit Terms Orders
1. Credit term orders refer (mostly) to orders paid using credit terms, and e-invoicing.
2. A e-invoice will be raised. At times, a purchase order would have to be issued.
3. Upon successful payment, customers will receive by email, an invoice generated internally by our finance department which is valid for use to submit for respective claims and accounting purposes.

Amendments & Splitting of Invoice(s)
Changes to the original invoice, e.g. to amend billing details, or to "split items up" into multiple invoices is chargeable at $5 per amendment, and $5 per subsequently generated invoice.

1. Prevailing policies for amendment, cancellation, refund and admin fee apply.
2. Please let us attend to your enquiries at 67504504, or email