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Premium Bundle

Regular price $21.90 $16.90 Value Deal

This beautiful value-bundle is a convenient way to send delicious, healthful and thoughtfully prepared meals to your colleagues, loved ones and yourself!

Each À La Carte Premium Meal Bundle includes:
1) One selection* of high-protein roast chicken or high-protein vegan bento.
2) One selection* of replenishing drink or protein dessert.
3) One eco-friendly cutlery pack (napkin and toothpick included).
4) One $5.00 gift voucher of 6-month validity.
5) One "little blue box" meal bundle gift box.

*Variety available for selection are illustrated in the product images.

Prerequisites & Notes:
• Minimum order of 01 bundle.
• Available for islandwide delivery or self pick-up orders.
• Prevailing minimum amount of cart-size for islandwide delivery will apply.
• Prevailing islandwide delivery fee will apply.
• This is a fixed price product. All discounts and promotions do not apply.
• Please reach us at 67504504 or for enquiries and customer support.

Bento Food Safety, Storage & Reheat Reccomendation:
• Consume within 3 hours upon receiving delivered/collected food.
• Store or refrigerate at your own discretion.
• Reheat 3 min at medium microwave power without accompanying lid.
• Do not store or refrigerate food that had been reheated.

Drink Safety, Storage & Reheat Reccomendation:
• Consume-by-date is stamped on the bottle cap, or bottle body.
• Consume within the same day for all drinks with the word "Fresh" in its name.
• Store, refrigerate, and dispose at your own discretion.

Dessert Safety, Storage & Reheat Reccomendation:
• Consume within 2 days upon receiving delivered/collected dessert.
• Store or refrigerate at your own discretion.
• Reheat without packaging for 1.5 min at medium microwave power.
• Do not store or refrigerate dessert that had been reheated.