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S06 Jolli-Lean Deluxe Satay Bundle for 1 pax

S06 Jolli-Lean Deluxe Satay Bundle for 1 pax

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These specials will only be served until 6 Jun 2020.

Petite Satay Chicken Bento x 1 petite.
JoyBean Red Date Soy Milk x 1 bottle.
Blueberry Protein Muffin x 1 box.
Oven baked, skinless satay chicken paired with roasted potato chunks, vitamin-rich crunchy cloud ear salad and well cooked softcore egg. Red date soy milk made using non-GMO soy from Canada and enriched with red date that is beneficial for improving immunity and indigestion. End the meal with a low-calorie, protein-rich blueberry muffin fora bite of guilt-free heaven.